Made to match any fancy headstall
Choose 1-4 colors
Braided 7/8" wide
7' Single or split reins
Conway buckle and trigger snap
on both ends.
Choose round or flat

With beads - Single:  $30.00
                    Split:  $45.00
Plain Reins - Single:  $22.00
                    Split:  $35.00
Below:  Black/Chocolate split reins with gold beads and hardware.
Braided round where the hands go.
Below:  7' single/barrel reins, colonial blue/black with silver beads and hardware.  With fringe.  Braided round in the center for a more comfortable hand hold.
Add fringe or tassels:  $35 for single reins
      $50 for split reins
Breast Collars
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