Arabian Headstalls
(Standard Horse Size - All Breeds)

Braided 7/8" wide
Choose 1-3 colors
(4 can be done except for on the throatlatch)
Nickel or Brass Hardware
24kt gold or nickel plated beads on the browband.
Choose fringe, tassels, or plain on the browband.
Fully adjustable with no set holes.
Conway buckles at bit ends for a quick bit change.
Tons of color combinations available.  Please inquire...
**Available in all sizes and for any breed**

Pricing for Arabian / Standard horse size headstalls:
With beads and fringe or tassels:  $40.00
Plain Headstall:  $30.00
Noseband with beading:  $30.00
Noseband plain:  $25.00

Below:  Colonial Blue/Black & Burgandy/Black
w/ Silver                         w/Gold
Below photos:  Black/Chocolate w/Gold
Below:  Browbands with added tassels.  Shown are actual photos of miniature halters, but the headstalls are made the same way.  Tassel colors available in:  black, white, royal blue, emerald green, burgundy, purple, gold, silver, and hot pink.
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