This is the guy that started it all!
Cody was my first horse & my first love.  We purchased him in 1992 when he was 6 years old.
We have excelled together at local shows in gaming events.
He has won about 40 high point awards over the years.
In 2008, Cody had a late career change...he is now competing in team penning/sorting events and doing very well...already placing in a few jackpot events.
10/11/09 - Cody/Naomi win first (out of 34) in Team Penning Jackpot with Monty Twingstrom and Tom Olson!

Cody and Naomi at the
St. Louis County Fair in 1996
Cody and Naomi waiting to go into a local parade.
I believe this was in 1995
Trinity's first ride!

Here's Cody giving a "pony" ride
to my friend Beth's daughter.  She is 18 months old here.  She absolutely loved it!  No fear at all!  Cody has taught many people to ride over the years.  Whether it was for trail riding or gaming, Cody has been an excellent lesson horse!

< June 2007 - Cody is 21 years old!
Shown here in 2001 at the St. Louis county fair running poles.  His time on this run was an 11.8.  His best pole weaving time was 11.2 sec!
The group of pictures below are from the Isanti County Fair in
Cambridge, MN - July 27, 2008 - Cody still going strong at 22 yrs old!
Born In 1986
This is the outfit I made for him to match my new barrel saddle!  It's a hand braided halter-bridle combo with a matching breast collar with barrel racing conchos on both.
The below pics were all taken in June 2008 at 22 yrs young!
Online Video taken Feb. 2009